Speak Easy

The Future of Voice Technology

There has always been something that gets in the way of our relationship with technology: the keyboard, the mouse, the screen. We’re now ready for the most natural and intuitive form of interaction—the voice. It’s time for humanity and technology to Speak Easy.

Launched in Cannes, ‘Speak Easy’ is a trends and insight report, carried out in equal partnership between J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group London and Mindshare Futures, which explores voice technology and its implications for brands.

Missed the webcast? Catch up now!

The Store WPP broadcast a special edition of ‘David Roth…In conversation with’ to learn more about this study. This hour long webcast delves deep into how consumers will interact with voice technologies and how voice is set to become a major plank in consumer engagement and brand building.

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Speak Easy Report

What does the webcast cover?

Easing the Cognitive Load

One of the primary motivations for using voice is efficiency. Neuro Insight research has shown that voice interactions are less mentally taxing than their touch or typing equivalents.

Liberation from the Screen

The rise of a voice activated world presents brands with new and exciting opportunities to engage with people, whether that be voice activated outdoor sites or even embedded brand content in IoT connected devices.

Digital Butler

Voice assistants will start to take on a more prominent role, managing consumers’ lives proactively, making decisions independently and will essentially evolve into ‘digital butlers’.

Craving Intimacy

Consumers are looking for a deeper, personal understanding from their voice assistants. 36% of regular voice users say that they love their voice assistant so much that they wish it were a real person. What is more – over a quarter of regular voice users revealed they have had a sexual fantasy about their voice assistant.

Find Your Voice

Regular voice technology users globally believe brands should have unique voices and personalities for their apps/skills and not just use the assistant on smartphones voice.